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To Chance

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At Southwest Collision Center

We don’t leave your safety to chance –

it’s a priority!

After you’re in an accident, you want your vehicle to look and perform like it did when it was manufactured, including its safety features.

In 2016 more than 50 models of vehicles were redesigned adding new technology and advanced safety systems. All systems must be repaired back to manufacturer specifications.

Our technicians are continually factory trained and “Certified” by several vehicle manufacturers to keep them up-to-date with the latest vehicle repair methods.

We use products and equipment that is environmentally friendly and provide a safer workplace for our technicians.

We only use Original Equipment (OE) collision replacement parts manufactured for your vehicle to ensure proper fit, function, and most importantly your safety, unless you request otherwise.

We take your safety seriously with every repair.

Our Technologies are Second to None!

As a Factory Certified auto body repair shop, we use equipment the manufacturer recommends to repair your vehicle because of advancements in computerized vehicle technology.

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At Southwest Collision we use Sikkens Autowave® paint by AkzoNobel because it is proven to be the best waterborne paint system on the market. The Sikkens system has excellent color accuracy and covering power.

AkzoNobel first introduced Autowave in 1992 to European shops, where strict VOC regulations required a move to waterborne basecoats and one of the environmental reasons we decided to use it on our customer’s vehicles. The other reasons are to give your repainted vehicle a like new finish that lasts and looks as great as it did when it left the factory.

Why do you think it is the only paint they use on a McLaren? See for yourself.

The Car-O-Liner CTR12000 is used for the new materials vehicles are now manufactured from, including high, ultra-high, and laminated steels. It features a programmable intelligence system to monitor the joining process. The end result is a bond as close a possible to the original weld your vehicle was built with right from the factory.

Your safety

Our Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) paint booth is dedicated to energy-efficient “green” solutions. The down draft paint booth allows for better airflow to reduce contamination, allowing for a better paint job and cleaner booth. You can expect your vehicle to leave with a factory looking paint job!

Your Safety

Our Car-O-Liner frame bench allows us to bring your damaged vehicle back into factory specifications. In order to correctly straighten a collision damaged vehicle, a good measuring system is required. The Car-O-Liner alignment bench is used to indicate how great the damage is and how much straightening is needed. The measuring system allows us to clearly see when the damage is correctly straightened and the vehicle has been returned to original condition.

Your SafetyWith the Vision system, Car-O-Liner’s state-of-the-art measuring software that guides the entire repair process and performs automatic centering, measuring and documentation, our technicians can measure damaged vehicles 20% faster while creating accurate and efficient alignment work.