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Collision Repair

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We’re Green

At Southwest Collision Repair we are always searching for ways to protect the environment while also leading the industry by example.

What makes us Green you ask?

We help protect our employees and customers with our commitment to the community and the environment as follows:

  • A full-downdraft paint booth provides a clean environment for your paint job while keeping the environment of the body shop and the outside air fresh and clean.
  • Our spray booth utilizes the latest technology, enabling the capture of 98% of all paint particulates during both the spray and bake cycles.
  • Our solvent-based paint center uses solvent recyclers that eliminate all hazardous paint waste. Many auto paints are still solvent-based for the best results, such as primers, sealers and clear coats.
  • Whenever possible, we opt for water-based paints. The use of water-based paint versus solvent-based paint significantly reduces the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Hazardous Air Pollutants.
  • All of our paint technicians are provided with Grade D breathable, air-supplied respirators to ensure the safest possible work environment.
  • In addition to minimizing our paint’s environmental impact, we also make sure to recycle extraneous items that go through our shop such as cardboard and paper, old bumper covers, tail lights, headlights, sheet metal, aluminum wheels, radiators, and condensers.

We’re Green and Proud to be.