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For our customer’s peace of mind, we have completed even more training from the VW manufacturer to become a VW Certified Collision Repair facility.

Southwest Collision Repair has a been looking after your safety by repairing your damaged vehicles for over 3 decades. Our technicians have always followed the factory repair procedures, but now we’ve bumped it up a notch!

The Advantage of Using a VW Certified Collision Repair Shop 

After an accident, it can be a tough decision where to take your VW to get the best auto body repairs and service. At Southwest Collision Repair, we make it a really easy choice. 😉

As a VW Certified Collision Repair body shop, we bring your vehicle back to pre-accident condition as mandated by the manufacturer. We only use factory VW authorized repair standards, original VW parts, and maintaining a high level of quality auto body repairs and service, your vehicle will be built back to OEM factory standards.

Being a VW Certified shop means, you will always know that our shop has been inspected for the proper tools and equipment to make all repairs correctly to your Volkswagen. And, our technicians have been trained to specifically repair your vehicle with all OEM parts.

We also stand behind our work with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Southwest Collision is held to a higher standard for VW Certified collision repair, and when you choose to work with us.

Taking your car to a VW Certified Collision Repair Facility (CCRF) helps ensure:

  • All Technicians are working on your vehicle are trained in certified Volkswagen collision repair.
  • All services will follow strict, mandated repair procedures per Volkswagen standards.
  • Wherever feasible, the facility will use Genuine Volkswagen Parts.
  • Employees have access to exclusive Volkswagen technical tools and repair information guidelines.
  • All vehicle Warranties will be maintained.

Using original OEM parts can ensure proper fit and part function as it relates to your vehicle’s safety. External parts are an integral part of some safety systems built into your VW. Airbag sensors, crash avoidance, and other systems that help protect you can be used in different ways. Anything used to repair VW’s other than OEM parts may jeopardize that safety.

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Original parts will also make sure you maintain your Original Factory Warranty on your vehicle.

We will work directly with your insurance company to help expedite your collision repair.

Call or visit us today for your Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair estimate.